We are a fast moving company with a new emerging concept in the hospitality industry by working directly with property developers and building owners. We aim to be the largest boutique accomodation with hotel like amenities and services provider in South East Asia by introducing larger than usual hotel rooms space with a homey feel ambiance at an affordable pricing for business and leisure travellers across the globe.

Why join us?

We aim to build people and building communities

We aim to be the leading company which able to enrich people and community by providing affordable luxury boutique accommodation across SEA.

people: We develop high performing people and teams through ESOP shares and other rewarding opportunity. We encourage our people to lead by giving ideas or inputs that may enhance the value of the company.
Investors : We deliver good dividends to our shareholders and aim to build a strong global network of capital partners.
Customer: We ensure that our customers are able to experience great value by staying in our properties at an affordable price by providing them with impeccable services and quality products.
Communities: We are for and contribute to the economic and social development of the communities